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ONE CHANCE, ONE GOAL! PR and Conversational Marketing Served as Key Elements for Brands to Converse with Audiences during FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is only one day away from the final match which will crown either #Argentina or #France as the winner of the much-anticipated tournament. While the action on the pitch has been always unpredictable, one thing was certain, it has been an event like no other. With fans being excited, brands across the world have been reaching out to their audiences, piggybacking on the love for the sport!
The World Cup has put a spotlight on the region like never before, and brands have been using the power of PR, communications and conversational marketing to converse with their target groups.
Gone are the days when PR was limited to traditional press. Fast forward to today, and PR has different creative forms. From videos to social media and curating customised messages, PR has been the backbone for brands who don’t just speak to fans but get them engaged in the conversation and reward their fandom.
While big-budget PR campaigns have made a mark with creative campaigns during The FIFA World Cup, there are several other brands who used smaller PR engagement options to align themselves with the world’s most popular sporting event. A few examples include huge discounts by hospitality groups on F&B while watching a game at a brand’s venue or running competitions and offering prizes for fans of the game by fashion and retail brands.
Brands have realised that it is important to break through limitations and deliver the right message in unique different ways. Using multiple channels to power the communication can increase brand’s visibility and improve results. Brands that are scoring big during the World Cup have used the power of PR to create universal messages that resonate across all cultures. Afterall, effective brand advertising campaigns must appeal to viewers’ emotions while also unifying the global audience.
PR is all about risk-taking. Part of reacting to unexpected situations is embracing that risk, thinking on your feet, and making the most of the moment. Truly immersive PR is creating a story that can resonate to every person you intend to reach.
Here are key takeaways that brand should consider while associating a PR campaign with an event. Firstly, know your audience, then personalize your content, be creative, go multichannel, plan ahead and most importantly keep it relevant.

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