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PR for startups in UAE: Why it matters

Public Relations (PR) may mean different things to different people. Merriam Webster defines it as “the business...

Transparency, Honesty, Precision and Speed – UAE’s Building PR Blocks Amidst COVID-19

The last few weeks have seen a few of the world’s countries witness pressure and criticism, but each has...

UAE’s New Logo: Shaping Local Tourism and Hospitality Industries

The UAE’s newly released logo, aptly called 7 Lines, is a powerful representation of a country set on becoming...

Value Judgements

Consumers are choosing every product from cars to burgers based on corporate values. Understanding an array of...

Public Relations Fuels Innovation

Public relations (PR) is all about communicating the message clearly and credibly with media analysts, policymakers...

Content is King: PR Practitioners Create Disruptive Content in Pursuit of Generating ‘Value’ for Clients

The debate over quality vs quantity has always been an area of focus, particularly when it is linked to content. As...

Five social media trends that will make waves in 2018

2017 saw a positive wave for the social media landscape. With new features, brand opportunities and customer...

Traditional Media and New Age Media Walk Hand in Hand

There’s been an on-going debate over traditional media and new age media. While many are of the view that new...


Our mission is straightforward: Assist organizations and companies reach their true potential through communications. We are a full-service communications consultancy operating across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. 

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