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UAE’s New Logo: Shaping Local Tourism and Hospitality Industries

The UAE’s newly released logo, aptly called 7 Lines, is a powerful representation of a country set on becoming an influential player on the international stage on all fronts. Reactions to the new emblem have been mostly positive, with the majority of the praises focusing on it being contemporary, progressive, and a clear symbolism of the nation’s unification journey.

More than anything, this logo change will impact the country’s reputation and status abroad. It will transform how the world sees the Emirates. The logo, an indispensable aspect of the Emirates’ brand, exemplifies the characteristics of the country’s people, its history and identity, and what it stands for. As a symbol that depicts the country’s rich past and ambitious goals for the future, it signifies that the UAE is ready to take its journey to new heights.

The excitement that followed the unveiling of the logo is going to spill over to the tourism and hospitality industries. The emblem has undoubtedly piqued the curiosity of international travelers who are looking to explore new places and it is just a matter of time before we see the influx yet again of new and repeat travelers.

The winning emblem, which garnered the votes of 10.6 million people from around the world, is not only iconic and very thoughtful but it is unique and purposeful as well. It conveys that the UAE is a safe and fun destination to be in; one that should not be missed if you are seeking to have a travel experience that is second to none.

As a new face of the country, it evokes the strength of the seven emirates, each of which has something distinct to offer that is sure to excite all kinds of holidaymakers from across the world. Additionally, it creates a good first impression, illustrating to visitors what makes it special as a destination of choice in the GCC and the rest of the Middle East region.    

The new ‘Make It Happen’ slogan further emphasises what the versatile logo has firmly established: that the UAE is a tourist-friendly hub with exciting and diverse tourism and hospitality offerings. This latest development will surely boost the steadily growing domestic tourism market. According to the UAE Government’s website, the contribution of the travel and tourism sector to the gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to grow by 4.9 per cent per annum to AED 264.5 billion (USD 72 billion) by 2027.

Along with tourists, we also expect to see foreign investors, new global trade partners, and the world’s best talents descending on the country to capitalize on many opportunities.  

It is indeed an exciting time. The logo does not only create an unforgettable brand identity for the Emirates but it will also play a pivotal role in the nation’s great progress and development, in line with the vision of our wise leaders. 



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