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Public Relations Fuels Innovation

Public relations (PR) is all about communicating the message clearly and credibly with media analysts, policymakers and policy influencers, customers and shareholders. As an important tool that forms the tone and personality of a brand, it is also instrumental in driving innovation. Turning a brilliant concept into a monetised product, solution or service requires one vital ingredient – innovative communication, which can help your brand or company devise the latest breakthrough.

Not convinced yet? Let’s take a look at this example. Most of the cola drinks face a number of challenges to its reputation due to increased antagonism and healthcare challenges. However, makers of cola drinks have implemented innovative PR strategies to recover any loss of reputation it has suffered. At most times, cola drinks are linked to obesity and lethargic lifestyles. To ensure that the brand communicates its message in a clear and concise manner, makers of cola drinks have changed its packaging design stating clearly the choice of ingredients. Additionally, many of them issue a notice that these drinks should not be offered to children under 12 years of age. Furthermore, some companies have also sponsored programmes in schools to reinforce an active lifestyle. These are just some of the many ways, public relations helps in promoting innovation to generate the functional and emotional value of a brand.

As such, in today’s time all industries must find new ways to innovate and reinvent themselves to survive in the digital economy. From creating awareness to making a brand successful, public relations has an important role to play in promoting innovation. If we look at the film industry, gone are the days when film promotion was limited to trailers, hoardings and posters. With films adopting public relations as a key tool, most of the filmmakers invest in bold and experimental methods to promote a film, including premiers, road shows, celebrity participation, etc. With open communication, innovators challenge each other, validate and co-develop truly marketable solutions — not science experiments.

Let’s take the example of the Swiss food company Nestle, which in 2008 began exploring initiatives in three core areas related to its work: water, nutrition and rural development. They noted high incidence of iron deficiency anaemia in Central and Western Africa, where it sold its immensely popular Maggi cubes for making soup. To be able to survive in the market, Nestle came up with an innovative strategy to include iron into its product without changing the taste. Using public relations as its strategic tool, the brand highlighted health benefits offered by the cubes, which not only created a buzz for the brand, but also helped the company increase its sales and market share.

As such, public relations is important in driving innovation. It’s a collective approach that collaborates with a variety of players, who bring a diverse set of skills necessary to address a complex issue and drive innovation.




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