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Content is King: PR Practitioners Create Disruptive Content in Pursuit of Generating ‘Value’ for Clients

The debate over quality vs quantity has always been an area of focus, particularly when it is linked to content. As content is the golden mean for modern marketing, it is imperative that clients turn to professional Public Relations (PR) agencies and consultants to nurture this form of information and help create content which is valuable and news worthy.

Focusing on fresh insights, creative angles and a greater perspective of the story, PR agencies and consultants can help clients create content that is powerful and can become a compelling front page story. As reporters don’t want to cover the same thing every day, PR practitioners create content that engages the target audience of their clients.

While creating content, most PR practitioners, focus onone (or all) of three things: entertaining, interesting or useful. If the content isn’t any of the above, then the content has no value and won’t generate any reputation.As such, PR practitioners ensure that the content is valuable and includes the following to make it an instant hit -

Support Files

Quality content is far more than just a buzzword marketers throw around for fun. As such, PR practitioners at most times accompany content with videos, how-to guides, images, podcasts, Infographics, etc. They understand that a regular press release is outdated, and as such provide a hands-on document that can subsequently be seeded around the internet and shared by the fans or followers.

Grammar Trustworthiness

While you don’t have to be Shakespeare, it is imperative that your content is trustworthy and doesn’t lack basic grammar rules. Poor spellings, punctuations, or typos are much less likely to be seen as trustworthy. Being in the communications business, PR practitioners understand the importance to write content professionally. They not only develop it uniquely, but also proof-read it several times before it is shared with the media or the target audience.

Valuable Content

This is the key. Your content might have a lot of fluff, but if it doesn’t serve the purpose, it is of no use. As PR practitioners understand the rules of the game, they ensure that value can be derived from the content in a number of different ways, most importantly being -

  • Does this content solve a problem?
  • Does it answer a question?
  • Does it provide entertainment?
  • Does it make people laugh?
  • Does it provide unique, expert insight?

Content is the main ingredient for positioning a brand. As such, it is important that clients hire the services of professional PR agencies and consultants to provide real value to readers.



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