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Five social media trends that will make waves in 2018

2017 saw a positive wave for the social media landscape. With new features, brand opportunities and customer preferences increasing, 2018 looks better. The social media trends will continue to evolve and surprise us.As brands try to connect with audiences in innovative ways, engaging techniques have emerged to capture the attention of the audiences, which research suggests have decreased to eight seconds. Research indicates that each day users scroll through 300 feet of content, giving brands a very small window of time to grab the users' attention.As such, it is important to practice and implement new techniques and trends in social media which will create a positive impact on the audiences. Some of the key trends that will dominate the social media landscape in 2018 are:

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the new-generation key to communicate the brand’s message. From Rolex to North Face, companies use influencer marketers to connect with new audiences and improve engagement with existing audiences. 2017 saw an increase in influencing marketing and 2018 looks brighter.

Live Streaming

Live streaming was once like a fairy tale. What used to be a novel gimmick is now the need of the hour. Today brands big and small have started using live streaming to capture the attention of the target audience. As more brands understand its potential and power, 2018 will see live streaming as an important element for most marketing plans.


Audiences love interaction, and if there’s an interactive and engaging experience offered with it, there’s nothing better. Brands have realised the potential of offering target audiences with game-like experiences—which are not only immersive and engaging, but also helps the brand grow organically.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality made waves in 2017 with most mobile devices providing a niche and engaging way for marketers to reach their target audience. It is projected that social media platforms will soon have features that will help users take a selfie with a friend or celebrity projected via augmented reality. Similarly, brands could soon project their products and services to their target audience using social media filters.


Gone are the days when chatbots used to be the clumsy, robotic machines. Fast forward today, and these new-age devices offer a human touch which provide an instant connection with customers from all over the world. While 2017 saw an increase in the use of chatbots, 2018 will have an excellent impact for brands planning to use it.



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