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Public Relations: An Important Tool to Leverage Sustainability in the Region

Sustainability is certainly the new buzzword, and the GCC is known to spearhead the sustainable movement. Covering environmental, economic and social aspects of a country, sustainability is being embraced by all sectors including business, nonprofit organizations and government agencies and entities.

While sustainability is the way to the future, it doesn't have the desired impact if the public and citizens are not aware of the country’s efforts, successes or contributions. A public relations campaign that educates and informs people about the contributions of the country enhances its recognition and makes it more relevant in the public eye.

As such, public relations form an important part of the sustainable movement. It not only helps support this global vision, but also offers the world a holistic view on the methods implemented to improve operations in the country.

Sustainability is managing for tomorrow,it takes the long view, and public relations do the same.GCC countries, whether small or big, must tell their environmental story in order to enhance its reputation with citizens and public. That’s why public relations should take part and help make a step forward. As public relations helps maintain relationships, reputation and trust in the long term, it can create more value for a country ensuring sustainability of the region.

As an agent of change, public relations not only guide and lead the country towards positive messaging, but also serve as goodwill ambassadors to promote the right message, which is important to maintain the sustainability of the region. Sustainability requires demonstration of a country’s commitment to socio-economic goals, it needs to be backed by tools that position the country in the right light. Strategic public relations not only serves information exchange, but also establishes consensus among divergent opinions and interests, which facilitates the building of know-how, decisions and cooperation, making it the core of sustainability

It is noted that public relations boosts a country’s credibility, because it operates through numerous trusted intermediaries. This not only promotes sustainability goals of the region, but also leads the way to a sustainable management model.By managing, controlling, or influencing people's perceptions, public relations certainly establish credibility for a country, which goes a long way in building sustainability.



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